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Chinese Multimedia Society (CMS) is planning its first International Education Fair. It will be hosted rotationally in major cities globally.  It will last two days or longer. Initially, it is planned to be held between mid-March and mid-April 2016 in Beijing and/or Shenzhen, China or the vicinity


In accordance with the laws of the host nation, invitation will be extended to American and European and other regional educational institutions. It will also include (but not limited to) Hong Kong, Mainland China and Taiwan. All invited entities will be provided space to distribute information about their institutions.


The eventual goal will cover the following:

To introduce different kinds of educational institutions: universities, elementary and secondary schools, language schools, summer schools, subordinate schools, extended schools, online schools and etc..


Supplementary services such as public exams, application to colleges and schools, financial assistance, scholarships, tutorial classes, visa applications and etc..


Education software toolsIT companies like AppleMicrosoftnetworking companiessurface computer manufacturers and cell phones as communication and knowledge appliances


Internationalization of education.

Digital systems as means of knowledge dissemination.


Achievements and academic tournaments of students, different demos3D printing and etc., introductionlecturesdigital system as a tool for knowledge perforation and symposiums.


Share of experiences of studying abroad


Exhibitors will pay a fee to participate. Tentatively, there will be free admission for students and other non-exhibitors.  Registration is required. CMS reserves the right to reject specific individual or groups.


Exhibitors are expected in the hundreds.


Interested exhibitors and attendees are encouraged to contact Chinese Multimedia Society.


All advice, assistance and participation are welcome.